Let's get back to the mat with the sounds of nature, and reconnect with the body, heart & spirit.


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3-part video series, filmed in Costa Rica's vibrant nature. 

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It's time to get back on the mat. Nobody feels the same each day. Nobody can always keep pushing forward. Some days we need to reconnect to our strength, other days are all about softening and rest. This FREE video series is a carefully sequenced, balanced practice that will support your daily life. A toolbox whenever strength, relaxation or simply a calm voice is needed, and jungle sounds to help clear the mind.


1. Energizing vinyasa flow video to cultivate strength and reconnection in the body, increasing new vitality and inspiration

2. Relaxing yin yoga video for those moments when the nervous system needs to calm down and the soul needs nourishment. After a busy day when all we crave is to rest and be.

3. A 10-minute jungle meditation to clear the mind and start the day with ease.

I have spent the last 20 years practicing and teaching yoga in Costa Rica...  

And learning wonderful tools to integrate into my life. I'm happy to bring Costa Rican jungle vibes straight into your living room. Yoga is not about bringing the foot behind the head, but finding individual practices for living with more ease and joy. 

"These yoga videos have been a lifeline for me—a consistent and nourishing medicine for the soul that has followed me for quite sometime now. "

"Thanks very much for the introduction to yoga. I follow other videos online and result in minor injury/soreness; I practice with you and feel like I've had a complete body massage! You are truly a master."

Meet Dagmar

While growing up in Germany, all I could envision for myself was living life in the sunshine, under the palm trees. After 20 years of soul-searching—and many detours where I explored city life in Los Angeles and New York—I have found my dream life by the beach in the lush, tropical nature of Costa Rica.

I followed my heart, moved beyond my fears, and created Montezuma Yoga, a yoga studio and international community.

I am passionate about sharing my proven tools with you because I believe we all deserve to live a happy, authentic life and are here to share our unique gifts with the world.

Feeling ready to reconnect to yourself through these wonderful practices of yoga and meditation?

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