Online Yoga Retreat & Mentorship Program

Learn to Skillfully Navigate These Uncertain Times  

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Learn how to use your body & breath as your biggest allies in changing your life. Cultivate new skills to navigate these uncertain, challenging times.

Tell me: Are you ready to change your story and follow your heart? 

Do you feel it’s time to overcome fear and step into courage to speak your truth?  

Do you grind your teeth at night and lay awake worrying about work, but don’t know how to leave that boring job and start doing what you love for a living?

Do you feel like it’s been months since you last felt really light and full of joy?

Do you feel that the connection to your own body got somehow lost and you would love to get it back? 

How would it feel to show up for yourself in new ways to nourish your soul? 

If you are searching for the trust and courage to take the next steps, if you long to move forward boldly and with clarity, and with the support of a great community, then this online yoga mentorship program is perfect for you!  

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Become clear on how to live your life with purpose and passion 

Take your power back while softening your resistance to change

Stay centered and grounded by tapping into your own inner wisdom - remember, you have everything you need

Create more nourishment and self-love for yourself, while bringing your energy back into flow.

Set healthy boundaries, honor your needs, and speak your truth with more ease

Experience a renewed sense of connection to your physical body and create a new routine or sacred ritual for yourself

This 5-week program includes practices and tools to deepen your connection to yourself, build trust in your intuition, and tap into your inner voice. Each week has a variety of practices and tools that will be yours for a lifetime.  

Create balance in your practice by embracing all the qualities of yin and yang. Choose between new vinyasa flow videos and yin yoga sequences that will strengthen your core and soften your heart. 

  Become comfortable with stillness and establish a regular meditation practice by listening to my guided audio meditations each week.

Continue to be supported with handouts and writing exercises to strengthen your progress each week. 

We will support and inspire each other—as well as hold each other accountable—through a closed Facebook group and live videos on Zoom.  

"This course is more than beautiful yoga classes. It builds a wonderful community of support with people around the world, guided by Dagmar and it cultivates friendships and honesty. The yoga videos are breathtaking and it never gets old to do them over and over again. This was a wonderful investment for my myself and I would do the class again without hesitation. It is well structured and Dagmar is accessible throughout the course, listening and offering her wisdom at every step of the way. I still use the videos after a year and love them."  

-Ozlem, USA  


Hello! I’m Dagmar Spremberg, a yoga teacher living in Costa Rica since 2001. For a long time in my life, I suffered from self-doubt. I was consumed with the feeling of not being good enough to have happy relationships or live an inspiring life. It was through the discovery of yoga that I learned about my own body in new ways, uncovered my negative self-talk, and, most of all, found a community that felt like my tribe—a group all searching for ways to live a happier life. I followed my heart, moved beyond my fears and my repetitive thoughts, and created Montezuma Yoga, a yoga studio and community. Here, I teach yoga to students from all over the world. For the last 13+ years, I have created a magical life alongside my beloved Daniel. We also travel to teach retreats together.

 My experiences call me to continue to hold space for you to have similar transformative experiences. I believe we all have something amazing and unique to give and share. Are you ready to step forward, shift your story, and live a life from your heart?  

Do you feel like fear is holding you back? Like you’d rather stay in your comfortable space, even when it's uncomfortable, without changing anything? It’s time to break these habits—and move forward. You will be proud of yourself for your courage. The shift needs to happen within yourself first, then everything else follows.  

 The magic is in the practice—all you need to do is SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF. Are you ready?

Hearing a million voices in your head, all telling you what to do? It’s time to drop into your heart and start following your inner guidance. You will be fully supported by a great community ready to move forward, like you. Together we can do this, I look forward to seeing you in the program.